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      Welcome to Our Website, Safety, Health, Comfort, Environmental Protection

      About Us

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      UShare Medical Inc. is founded in 2003, located in Zhuhai, China and specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling of disposable surgical instruments, medical suction unit, I.V. medical supplies. Inside our 30000sqm factory area there are several 10w and 1w class cleanrooms which ensure high quality of our products.

      From its startup, UShare Medical Inc. has been dedicated to improving the medical and health standards in China. We have a professional research team committed to disseminating and promoting of the latest health-care and environmental technology based on customer needs. Quality and safety is paramount at UShare. In order to develop safe, healthy, effective and environmental friendly products we have been continuously increasing scientific research investment, introducing advanced production equipments and establishing long-term cooperation with professional scientific research institutes.

      To serve the society by delivering better products UShare Medical sincerely works with more and more partners to improve medical, health-care and environmental standards and strives to become a leading company in the industry. 
      TEL:86+ 0756-7516888   FAX:86+ 0756-7767868   Email:export@usharemedical.com
      Add:445 Anji Zhong Road,Sanzao Town,Zhuhai, China.   Zipcode:519090
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